December 10, Internacional Human Rights Day

At the time, fears that the horrors of the Second World War might be repeated united the international community around respect for Human Rights and personal dignity as fundamental issues to achieve a society with freedom, justice and peace. Fifty six years later, and in spite of existing mechanisms developed to preserve them and to face their violation, there is still a long way to go.

In 2006 the International Human Rights Day focused on the fight against poverty as an obligation and not as a charity. The UN wants to show the close relationship between poverty, associated to issues such as discrimination, unequal access to resources and social and cultural stigmatization, and the denial of Human Rights. Currently, more than one out of six people live with less than one dollar per day. Although life levels vary between nations and in them, the effects of poverty and the denial of fundamental rights are constant: hunger, little or no education and lack of basic resources.

Exhibits, round tables, conferences, films and social forums were some of the awareness raising activities held world wide so as not to forget that we are committed to fighting against poverty. Entreculturas wanted to join this demand from its belief that education, as a human right and a Millennium Development Goal, continues to deserve a special attention in order to achieve a fairer world.