Andalucía starts the 10th anniversary of the Youth Solidarity Network

A little history… The Entreculturas Youth Solidarity Network  starts life in the context of the Entreculturas programme "Young people like you". This Education Campaign for Development had among its main objectives, to generate participation channels for the young, so they could be agents of direct transformation.

With this idea in mind, the Sevilla Entreculturas team promoted the creation of the Youth Solidarity Network  in 2001 and an activity methodology to enable the youth to promote different campaigns and activities in their own environment.  

Thus, the Youth Solidarity Network was created,  with groups of young people in different schools of Andalucía, who with their tutors, raise awareness among other students, teachers and the education community at large and who establish encounter and exchange  "networks" among them.

Entreculturas supported the Youth Solidarity Network  as channel of participation. From Sevilla it extended  to Andalucía and in time, to other parts of Spain.

At present… it works in 8 Autonomic Regions  (Andalucía, Madrid, Murcia, Galicia, Valencia, Asturias, Castilla y León, and La Rioja), 114 schools participate with almost  2.000 students between 12 and  18 years old and around 200 teachers.