Alegría and Éxodo´s story

Then, the video translation:
"We had to leave the camp with the arrival of the armed groups and while escaping I gave birth to this little boy whose name is Exodo. We had to stay in Mucoja because I went through labor while walking to Masisi and when I finally gave birth I couldn´t continue. I had to leave this camp of Bucombo to flee in other camp. I named my son after that. The Exodo, the escape"

"Her name Furaha means happiness. She never stops smiling and dreaming about a country at peace for her little boy"

"I don´t think much about the future but about tomorrow. But when Exodo grows up I want him to be able to go to school. Thanks to JRS we are now enrolment children and I would like him to be also educated. I wish for peace someday and for us to be able to come back home."