María Prieto's Fund

The María Prieto's Fund was created in 2016 with the desire to maintain the presence and the memory of Mary in the life of a lot of family and friends. There is no better way to remember and honor her than by being generous to the most vulnerable, so that, through education, they are freer and more autonomous.

This initiative is managed by Entreculturas, an NGO promoted by the Jesuits that defends the right to quality education for all people as a way to achieve a fairer world.

Throughout these years, the Fund has supported the Escuela Selva project in Peru, improving the education of more than 900 Wapis and Awajun indigenous students and the training of 59 teachers in 3 schools in the Upper Maranon.

Following the earthquake that struck Mexico in September 2017, the Maria Prieto Fund supported the construction of the housing of 4 ikoots women heads of family in a situation of extreme vulnerability in San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca.

Since 2020, the fund turned its gaze to Mexico, promoting decent work for women in the SNorthern Jungle of Chiapas. More than 100 rural Tzeltal women between the ages of 16 and 80, most of them without schooling or with primary education for women over 30, receive training and support for work as farmers, beekeepers, potters and artisans, whose products are made with local raw materials and techniques, in order to also promote local trade in environmentally friendly, competitive and significant products and services for the tseltal territory.

Through work, women learn to generate economic income for consumption and for the creation of reinvestment social funds. This contributes to the empowerment of women, from the recognition of their capacities to the consolidation of their economy.

We count on you to make it happen. Thank you very much.


* We inform you that, at any time, you can contact Entreculturas to request information about this project and its results