We promote alliances with companies

Entreculturas works every year with more than 240 national and international companies with the aim of developing joint projects in the countries where we work, in addition to promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all its aspects.

We seek and promote clear, lasting and broad alliances. Likewise, we value a particular and specific approach to each entity according to its nature and circumstances, ensuring collaborations and actions that are coherent both for the company and for our mission.

We contemplate multiple collaboration modalities

Option 1

Make a donation to our projects

If you are a company, you can financially support one of our international cooperation, global citizenship or social action projects in Spain.

With your support we transform their lives.

At Entreculturas we want to continue promoting access to education and accompanying more people in vulnerable contexts.

How do you want to collaborate?

With 300€ we provide 1 month of food for 84 refugee children in the refugee camp of Dzaleka, Malawi.

Option 2

PYMES with impact

Pymes con Impacto is a program for small and medium-sized enterprises and businesses that support the right to education of disadvantaged children and young people living in countries with high rates of poverty and social exclusion. Join this program through a small monthly, quarterly or annual contribution, which will have a great impact on the quality of life and the generation of future opportunities for women, children and youth in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

With your support we transform their lives.

At Entreculturas we want to continue promoting access to education and accompanying more people in vulnerable contexts.

How do you want to collaborate?

With 300€ we provide 1 month of food for 84 refugee children in the refugee camp of Dzaleka, Malawi.

Option 3

Involve your team and your clients

Solidarity Euro / solidarity payroll

Employees who voluntarily want to participate round up the amount of their paycheck with a small difference, to collaborate in the financing of a project.

Corporate volunteering

The talents of your professionals also have an impact and can be performed both online and in person.

Cause marketing

Link the sale of any of your products to a social cause, donating the profits to one of our projects. You can also apply to your sales the purchase ticket rounding for those customers who want to collaborate with Entreculturas through a simple gesture.

Recicoles program

If you identify with the environmental cause and are interested in recycling, you can generate a double impact by joining our office recycling program that (with the companies’ material) supports fundraising for our project in the Amazon.
See the program here

Give the gift of cross-cultures

Fair trade solidarity gifts and Christmas cards for customers, employees and employees in our our online store .

Pro-bono consulting

Your company’s employees bring their knowledge and experience to support our mission.

Option 4

Sponsor our race “Run for a cause”

Every year we organize our “Run for a cause” race to promote public participation, raise awareness and raise funds for one of our projects. Cheer up! You can participate:

  • Sponsor of the event.
  • Making a donation to the project.
  • Sponsoring bibs for your clients, employees or employees to participate in the race.
  • Spreading the race in your social networks and communication channels.
  • Encouraging your employees to volunteer to help us with logistics.
  • Donating materials.

Benefits of joining

companies for a cause

A partnership to grow your company

Social impact

Expand social impact, and reinforce Corporate Social Responsibility.


Collaborate with a well-known, serious and transparent NGO.


Enhance your company’s reputation among your customers, suppliers and close public.


Publicize your participation in the program in your communication channels and social networks.

Tax benefits

Benefit your business
with the corresponding tax deduction.


Motivate your employees and employees of your
company or business.


Build customer loyalty through your involvement in the Sustainable Development Goals.


Greater visibility as a company that assumes its responsibility to society.

Now your donations are worth more

Did you know that as of January 1, 2024, what you contribute to charities will be more tax deductible on your income tax return?

  • If you have been collaborating with Entreculturas for less than 3 years , the deduction is 40%.
  • If your collaboration exceeds 3 years, the deduction increases to 50%.

If you reside in an Autonomous Community subject to a particular foral regime or with additional deductions for donations to NGOs, you may have different deductions.

Remember that, in order for us to be able to report the amount of your dues and/or donations to the Tax Office in January, we need your tax information. If you have not yet provided us with your details, please call us on 91 590 26 72 or write to us at empresas@entreculturas.org.

Why choose Entreculturas?

1. Extensive track record

In the international cooperation sector, as well as in Social Action in Spain, thanks to solid alliances with both the public and private sectors.

2. We evaluate our actions and our impact

Our Quality and Evaluation department guarantees the excellence of our work and measures our social impact.


We subject our management to external controls to ensure the smooth running and maximum transparency of our daily business.

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Learn about our policy of collaboration with companies

We understand Corporate Social Responsibility as an institutional commitment that all organizations, both public and private, should assume in relation to their stakeholders in order to work together in the search for a fairer and more caring world, adopting ethical management systems that favor sustainable social and environmental development.

Contact with me

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

Raquel Abad de las Heras.

Coordinadora de Alianzas y Relaciones Institucionales

Telephone: 91 590 26 72

Email: empresas@entreculturas.org

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