Amazon School: a project from María Prieto's Fund

María Prieto's fund rises up from the desire to keep the presence and the memory of María in the life of her family and friends. There is no better way to remember and to honor her, than being generous with the most vulnerable ones, so that, via the education, they will become more independent and self-sufficient. 

The Amazon School project is the vehicle with which we demonstrate this generosity, by improving the education at 3 schools, located at the peruvian rainforest, where indigenous Wampis and Awayun children and youth study. This initiative is managed by Entreculturas, a NGO promoted by the Society of Jesus that works in Peru with Fe y Alegría, an educational entity founded in 1955 which attends more than 1,5 million people in 21 countries.

The goal of the Amazon School project is to improve the education of 905 indigenous Wampis and Awayun students and the training of 59 teachers of three schools from Alto Marañon, at the peruvian rainforest, through these components: 

  • Quality education adapted to the context of the amazon rainforest and the indigenous Wampis and Awayun culture. 
  • Technical and professional training that allows youth to find an employment in the area and with the available resources there.
  • Teacher training to improve the quality of the education and to increase their motivation.

We count on you to make it happen. Thank you.

If you prefer, you can make a donation to the project account:

Caixa Bank ES96 2199 1563 3002 0012 2573
Title: Fundación Entreculturas Escuela Selva


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