In order to improve accessibility, the Entreculturas website has adopted a series of measures aimed at facilitating the user experience, including groups of people with disabilities. Some of the measures implemented include the following:

  • Following the WAI-ARIA specifications, we have marked roles of basic functional zones such as navigation, header, footer, main information and complementary information, etc.
  • In case a user accesses the Entreculturas website from a browser that does not support style sheets, he/she will not encounter any navigation problem, since he/she will be able to view any content with the CSS deactivated.
  • We have separated the presentation (CSS) and behavior (JavaScript) layers from the structure (HTML) layer, so that the contents are more easily accessible.
  • The HTML and CSS code guarantees the correct visualization of any of the pages of the site from any browser.
  • We have established an accessible form of navigation using Access Keys, through the following list:
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