Entreculturas is a Jesuit-sponsored NGO that encourages social change through
the fostering of equal access to education

Our philosophy: best education for all

Entreculturas is a Jesuit-sponsored NGO that encourages equal access to education as a tool for driving forward social change, promoting justice and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

We support education projects among disadvantaged populations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our aim is for education to be available for as many people as possible, but we also strive for better educational quality and to support education as a tool for social transformation.

We carry out education, communication and research campaigns in order to raise awareness in Spain about the role that education for all plays as a central transformative element to drive forward a nation’s development. We also carry out public advocacy campaigns in an attempt to influence governments to enter into international commitments in favor of a fairer world.


Gender is central to all our strategies and activities: equity is a human right and a prerequisite for social justice, development and peace. You can find our commitment to creating a fair and equal future in this document.


Our values reflect our identity in our work with people impacted by poverty and injustice. We aim for involvement, dialogue and transparency because demonstrate who we are and how we want to be.


This document expresses our international scope and also describes the future that we – as an organization and as people committed to global justice – want to achieve. Take a look at our roadmap through 2018 here.


We are a national network that promotes social change and we have 27 delegations in 12 Autonomous Communities, made up of teams that work towards the promotion of justice. Entreculturas is committed to the dignity of individuals and to justice, which is why we work for the most impoverished people and communities. The entire Entreculturas team is engaged in the vision, mission and values of the organization.

Currently, a total of 81 employees and 587 volunteers and collaborators work daily to transform education into the key to development. The commitment of our volunteers is a perfect reflection of the society we would like to build and the one we participate in, and constitutes a genuine contribution to the development of communities of solidarity.

We have ended the year with a total of 16,000 members and donors. This has made it possible for us to maintain our commitment to our projects in both the North and South. 



In Entreculturas we are fully committed to transparency, as we understand it as the basis of trust. In this section you will be able to see the origin and the use of our funds in detail. We want to show you we work hard every day in order to make sure your contribution helps to achieve our aim to grant the access from everyone to a quality education.



We promote human development of disadvantaged people and communities in African, Latin American and Asian countries. Besides our work on international cooperation, our organization carry out activities in the fields of raising public awareness, education for global citizenship and the promotion of national and international volunteerism, all of them in favour of a fairer world that puts people first. We invite you to read our annual report to know us better.