Zanmitay: III Global Meeting of the Solidary Network of Entreculturas


"During the first weekend, young people have joined their job, experiences and knowledge to prove that a better Word is not only necessary but also possible", said Irene, person responsible for the Educational Department for Development. Agustín Alonso (Director of Entreculturas) wanted to transmit his admiration for the young people who were in that meeting. He emphasized the essential values of this initiative such as "solidarity, justice and commitment from the point of view of the young people because they can change the society. Raquel Martín (coordinating committee to raise public awareness) said that Solidary Network of young people is a "present utopia" which is able to transmit a special energy and to make us stronger.



During the weekend, there were workshops, talks, reflections, musical and theater performances. At the end of the meeting it was recorded a "lip dub" (a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video). This video is to transmit the messages, applications and wishes of the young people to continue working for changing this World and convert the solidarity into a citizen experience.