A vote for the native populations

Luis Ventura, from Malaga, has been living with his wife Ester Tello for the past 6 years in the native land of Raposa Serra do Sol, in Roraima, Brazil. He is currently the spokesman in Spain of the Campaign "Anna Pata, Anna Yan" (Our land, our Mother), that Entreculturas supported through the itinerant team.

These are his words:

"There is hope. This morning several lawyers and jurists took part defending both sides, natives and rice cultivators. In the afternoon, the jury started to give their particular votes.

"The vote of the surveyor, the minister Carlos Ayres Brito, was the most expected. After a deep study of the case, his vote became a reference for the other decision makers. And against all probabilities, the surveyor voted for leaving the Raposa Serra do Sol with its present status! This means that he voted in favour of the native populations. He stood up to the arguments used by the State, the military, the rice producers.. and he said that the constitutional approach was to leave them with their status.

The second minister to declare surprised the attendants asking for more time to understand the case, and the STF president adjourned. This means that the legal procedure has been postponed probably until the end of the year.

The native populations have mixed feelings since they wanted an immediate decision. It is a long time of tension and waiting and they still have to wait longer. But on the other hand, the vote of the surveyor is most important because it will set the pace for the other votes, although it is expected that they will be under all kinds of pressure during the nex few months. Many thought that the surveyor would vote in favour of the rice producers and they were taken by surprise since he left no doubts on his arguments.
We have gone a step forward although we have been told to sit down again. At least we are a step ahead and an important strategic step. We hope that next time it will be a permanent victory. We will keep in touch".