Solidarity Sports: Entreculturas signs an agreement with the Real Valladolid

Thanks to this agreement, different activities will take place. First of all, Entreculturas will be present in the sports facilities in which the Real Valladolid participate, in order to awareness and spread all the work carried out by Entreculturas.

convenciorealvalladolid_txOn the second place, sports events will be performed in a joint way, as a beneficial match with the presence of the Real Valladolid Deportivo. On the other hand, there will also be a solidarity Gymkhana, with the participation of students of different schools of Valladolid. In addition, Entreculturas will have the opportunity to attend the football matches of the Real Valladolid as an awareness element linked to sport for children and young people.

Finally, the Real Valladolid has joint the Campaign "Donate your Mobile". In fact, last Saturday, 4th April, on the occasion of the match of league of the Real Valladolid Honour Division and the F.C. Barcelona, volunteers of Entreculturas and the Cruz Roja were in the entrance of the stadium to encourage the fans to donate their old mobile phone. Through the message "Put your mobile phone where it is more needed", 653 mobiles were collected and were given 237 bags.

"This experience has been an incentive to motivate us to undertake new actions in sportive and/or cultural events", affirm from the Delegation.