Saint Louis University collaborates with Entreculturas on the initiative “1smile, 1euro”



As its name suggests, the campaign consist of sharing a photo using a kind of smiling card on Facebook. The University would give 1€ for each photo. In total, 100 pictures have been received and 100€ have been donated by the USL. Entreculturas has decided to guarantee with that money the access to education of quality for everyone.

After the meeting with Ana Aizpún, tutor of the University, and Randa Medina y Silvia Fernández-Renau, community managers of ULS, we agreed to send the money to the camp of refugee in Horn of Africa where the Jesuit Service of Entreculturas for refugee people helps to people who escaped from famine in Somalia and Kenia; and where they are also implementing educational programs to teach children and young people in spite of the emergency situation.