Presenting the Literacy Plan for Latin America

This plan was originated at the Salamanca Summit in October 2005, and has been elaborated by the "Latin American Sates Organization for Education, Science and Culture", (OEI) and sponsored by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI). Its general aim is to universalize - in the shortest time possible and before 2015- literacy in Latin America and to offer the young and adult population the possibility of completing their education.


Specific objectives are the following:

  1. Develop in every country the universalization of literacy national plans until the completion of basic education.
  2. Install in the region a renewed literacy vision, integrating primary education in young and adult population.
  3. Provide stable and sufficient financial aid for literacy and adult primary education.
  4. Promote multilateral cooperation between Latin American countries on literacy and adult primary education issues.
  5. Articulate the plan with strategies to prevent failure and school abandon in primary education for every country so as to prevent illiteracy.

From Entreculturas we value this initiative very positively and we pledge for turning the declaration into action. After receiving an invitation from the participating entities to coordinate our education activities, Entreculturas is committed to strengthen its adult education in Fe y Alegria's centres in Latin America. Currently more than 80.000 pupils are enrolled. A very widespread and efficient strategy to achieve this objective is radio based education. The wave transmitted lessons are combined with written materials and with a weekly physical lesson to solve problems.

We hope that the work efforts and coordination will help reduce illiteracy for those 34 million Latin American adults.