Miguela and Daniel, VOLPAS in Ecuador


Hello, we are Miguela and Daniel, two 57 years old teachers. We are working in Quito (Ecuador) since September 2010.

I am Miguela. In Spain I work as teacher of 6 years old children, and here in Quito they have given the work of coordinating the first and second year teachers in the primary school. Basically I go visiting the schools further from Quito and collect the teacher’s experiences to share them later and enrich the pedagogical practice.

Daniel is my husband. He works with the teachers of the older children, 15 to 17 years old. He gives advice on everything to do with the new baccalaureate and professional training.

I have to visit the furthest schools, to get to two of them it takes me two and a half hours each. First I catch the Tram, then a bus and at the end a van on a cobbled road. The motto “Fe y Alegría starts where the paved road ends” is very apt here. The children there have the skin on their faces very damaged by the sun, the water and the cold. The teachers tell me that the only decent meal they have is the one at the school.

Life in Quito goes quite in consonance with the sun. The children enter school at 7 am and leave at 1 pm. There are no classes in the afternoon, but indeed at 6 pm is night time.

Being a couple makes things easier. Usually when one is feeling low, the other helps along. We like being in Quito, it gives us more possibilities of communicating with our families.


Everywhere we’ve visited in Ecuador is beautiful. They call it “my green country”, and it is true.