Fe y Alegría Guatemala reinforces the nutritional support for 2.300 children

The Regional Government of Castilla la Mancha has approved the project which will start next January and will continue for the following 18 months to help boost children´s nutrition in schools.
Guatemala has the highest malnutrition rate in Latin America and the fourth in the world, according to UNICEF. Currently, 54.000 families suffer hunger in the country and there are already 462 dead by the severe food crisis that threatens to affect another 300.000 families.

With this new project, Fe y Alegría Guatemala seeks to improve the situation of more than 2.000 children whose families have been affected since agriculture is their main source of income. According to the WFP, the food distributed in schools, in addition to raising nutritional levels are an important incentive for school attendance, especially in girls, who for cultural and economic reasons do not attend or have an early abandon rate.

Fe y Alegría has prepared several activities to support nutritional intake for children between 5 and 13 years old in 14 schools in the most depressed native areas of Guatemala. On one hand, nutritional diagnosis will be carried out in order to pass on to hospitals the most acute cases. On the other hand, in addition to handing out to students breakfast with 30% of the nutrients needed daily, awareness raising activities will be carried out among teachers to enable early detection of malnutrition cases.
In Fe y Alegría Guatemala and in Entreculturas we are aware that hunger prevents good school results and malnutrition leads to backward results in education. This project aims to improve this situation and the health of these children.