Education in values: a literacy strategy

Education in values  plays a key role in developing a fairer world with more solidarity. Aware of this, Entreculturas launches its new education materials for the 2010-2011 course in the framework of the City Planet Education Campaign, with gender equality as the main theme.

 In fact, “Literacy and Women Autonomy” is the subject chosen  for the celebration of the United nations International Literacy Day. Although the achievement of women autonomy is essential in world priorities in development issues, girls are still more than 50% out of 67,4 million children worldwide who do not attend school. In addition, two thirds of the 796 illiterate people are women.

The little ones can discover City Planet with the twins Za and Zo, whose adventures are found in a booklet, a video, a didactic unit a story book and an online game.

 Teachers can also learn with City Planet with the  Education online course for equal opportunities and the booklet "Classrooms that change the world" which includes basic issues on gender and education for solidarity in a global world.

All these materials can be downloaded free of charge in the education portal REDEC.

The D Days are other didactic materials offered by Entreculturas. They are education proposals for all education stages on set days such as the Children´s Rights, November 20, Peace and Non Violence, January 30, Women's Rights, March 8 and Environment Day, June 5. These dates and activities are reminders of achievements to celebrate and challenges to meet.

Materials can be downloaded here.