3.000 people run for education in Angola

Angola is located in the western half of the African Continent and its population is estimated at 18 million people. After its independence from Portugal, Angola saw 27 years of war. Nowadays, although Angola is a country with natural resources like oil and diamonds, 2/3 of the population live on less than USD 2 per day. Angola has one the world's lowest life expectancy. Malaria and AIDS are the main cause of death in Angola.



Entrecultuas celebrated a solidary road race at the end of January in Madrid, under the motion "Run for a cause, run for Education". More than 3,000 people participated in the first edition and showed their commitment with the educational right giving many educational materials. 77.000 euros was collected with the registrations and the donations of the contributor companies. This amount will be send to Angola in order to teach 500 students to read and write and to qualify teachers for the region of Ambriz, in the north of the country.

Moreover, runners were invited to bring some educational materials. They kept it in a handbag that they received at the beginning of the race. When they finished the race, they gave it like a donation. Twenty boxes with material (pencils, books and blocs) are collected and given to the center Pueblo Unido as scholar help to children of the most deprived areas in Madrid. With this symbol, all participants have shown the commitment on the right to a global access to education.

Morning passed by two different moments. At 9.30 am, it was starting signal for adult people and they run 5 or 10 kilometers in about two hours depending on the level. In that moment, Agustín Alonso, Director of Entreculturas, appreciated the support to the Madrid City Hall, collaborator companies and participants who run for this cause. At 11.30 am, it was the turn of 300 children.

Initiative was successful in participation and runners showed an enormous gesture of solidarity for education in Angola. It is necessary to emphasize the labor of 176 volunteers. This road race would not be possible without them. To finish the day, there was a prize draw for printers, MP3 and watches which were given from some companies. Sacyr Vallehermoso, Mapfre, HP, Fremap, Madrid City Hall, Fernando Pombo Foundation, Coca-Cola, Corricolari-Correr and Caja Madrid as some contributor companies in this event.

Thanks to the collection of 77,700 Euros with this race, Entreculturas could help to teaching of basic literacy in Angola´s populations. Due to the great successful of this edition, we are organizing the next one. It will take place next January 2013 and the collection of funds will be given to the re-creation of the educational system in Haiti. That date will coincide with the third year from the earthquake.


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